Where are the Real Men of God Who will Stand in the Gap?

Where are the Real Men of God Who will Stand in the Gap?

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We are looking for realmen of God who will recognize the spiritual crisis in this generation and boldly fulfill God's calling to bring down the insurmountable walls of Jericho. There is a desperate need for righteous men to stand in the gap in all faithfulness and loyalty. The harvest is plentiful and suitable workers cannot be found because men today are too cowardly, compromising, ignorant, or careless. The time is ripe, but who will lose his life for this generation? If you want to be one of these choice men of God read below to find out who they are and how to be one.

A Man of God who will stand in the gap will exemplify a life of obedience in accordance with:

I urge you to read these on your knees before God asking Him if He and others recognize these things in your life.:

1. A reputation of living a life that illustrates Psalm 1;
2. Psalm 15 will be his testimony as well;
3. He will be a broken man as he considers how sinful this generation is and what he has done to encourage its sin;
4. He will often pray that he will be able to feel as God feels, and will weep often as God's law is disobeyed;
5. He will be driven by far more than a desperate worry for the infinite loss of souls, but will live and move by one continual impulse to "vindicate the holiness of [God's] holy name." (See Ezk. 36: 16-38)
6. "'Then the nations will know that I am the Lord,' Declares the Lord God, 'when I prove myself holy through you in their sight.'"
7. He will have given up his reputation with men (the fear of man) and will not run with the multitude into evil (Ex. 23: 2);
8. He will not be prejudiced in believing things before proven, or disbelieving when proven;
9. He will not be fanatical in recklessly using wild methods, having frenzied tempers, or exalting trifling interests;
10. But sensitive to everything of value and diligent to give due process to every just cause (and not hard-hearted);
11. He will have a conscience void of offense and not a seared conscience as the multitudes have.
12. Many things will affect him deeply which these masses will marvel at and ridicule.
13. He will govern his tongue to speak no foolishness but only what glorifies God (James 1: 26, 1 Cor. 10: 31)
14. He will not fight his own battle in his own strength, but with great joy and thanksgiving he will triumphantly wait upon the divine trumpet blast and then shout for these impenetrable walls to fall down.
15. He will not be satisfied with only gaining truth in his head but will make Christ his universal Teacher by taking every spiritual fact to his knees for Christ to impress it upon his heart and life.
16. He will more than just 'pray' "Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven," but he will believe it is possible; and will therefore take this to God in Christ's name and see heaven come down.


Nov 9, 2001.