Updated 6/9/2001

Our Health History

Please allow me to share a little bit about the history of my health to encourage you to find maximum efficiency and happiness.

I grew up on the average American diet--or probably a little worse than average. Naturally I had most of the sicknesses that Americans get. By the mercy of God I had no major health troubles. Looking back I am amazed at how I survived after all the junk consumed, and poor treatment of my body.

The only really abnormal thing about my physical person--is that I have a narrow nasal passage. Thus I learned how to depend on breathing through my mouth only. I was told that my breathing was backwards when I use to run in competition--breathing in through my mouth and out through my nose.

But just imagine what it WAS like for me to virtually walk around with my nose plugged all day long. I must say it was not nice. Added to this was a constant buildup of flem--day and night. It seemed as though I had a perpetual cold. After struggling in school races and later trying professional singing, it seemed that something must be done to remove this problem. So I had surgery to open up the passages. But this made matters no better. Well life is not a bed of roses, and I was willing to continue as before--blessing God for all the abundant blessings I had.

Perhaps a year or so later (about 1992), I started to get even more serious about my body. I started to realize more that my body was to be the temple of God as the Bible says. Of course I was extremely ignorant of what I should do; living in such a gluttonous country. But I stopped eating the obvious evils like pop, sugar, chocolate, and etc. My reformation was mostly that of avoidance. And it wasn't so much to get healthy--as I was not doing bad--but to live godly and avoid worldly lusts.

Over the years I tried to do my best and advance with the light I had. But little progress was made until about 1997. It was then that my sister Karin introduced me to George Malcmus, of the Hallelujah Acres, and Barley Green (from AIM). But having looked into many 'cure-all' testimonies, I was cautious. It seems anyone can foster up testimonies these days. And in relation to health, there are so many factors to consider (doctors claim that many sicknesses are due to stress; and many 'cure-alls' are really only psychosomatic and only temporarily divert the sickness). But where was the lasting changes?

Eventually I tried the green stuff (Barley Green) with some water. There was no great immediate change. Gradually the dosage was increased to 1 teaspoon 3 times a day. Soon I started feeling better and better. But there were also other changes in my habits. I started to exercise more and avoid more negatives eatables (which I no longer call food!). I also started eating less animal foods. A few months latter I started taking Herbal Fiberblend (also from AIM). NOW THAT STUFF IS POWERFULL! It cleaned me right out! I was informed that this is where I was to begin, as the average person has some 15 pounds of extra undigested feces material in the colon that prevents quick elimination and that toxifies the body! Well this is very true.

After taking H. F., going off animal products, white flower, and most processed foods, drinking only distilled water, cleansing the kitchen of all unreal food-things, and a few other things there was noticed a drastic change in health. Years ago I had the worst case of Mononucleosis and it resulted in changing my metabolism and requiring more sleep (at least 8 1/2 hrs). But now I soon needed only 6! And now the day as well as the night hours were much more pleasant and alert. Added to this was the fact that I was working a night shift during the week where I would return to regular sleeping hours every weekend. Anyone who has done such knows that you need many more hours of sleep to do such. Yet I was getting less and less! And feeling better every day.

And do you know that for the first time in my life I COULD BREATH THROUGH MY NOSE LIKE NORMAL PEOPLE! There are so many changes that took place it would require me to fill a book! But really, I noticed body odors lessening until gone! All relative to what is called my detoxification--the purging of myself from toxins. Eventually I didn't need deodorant, and eliminations became orderless, clear, regular, and not unpleasant! My mind functioned much better and my flesh wasn't such an enemy to my spirit as before.

Time fails me to add volumes to my experience and discoveries. But I will add a little more. Eventually I moved up to 3 TABLESPOONS of Barley Green a day. Now this was the most incredible change I ever had. I literally had so much energy and zest that I wanted to do cartwheels! I wanted to go, go, go! This new life gave me so much more drive to live. Instead of wishing for more time to sleep, I was literally forced to get out of bed and into action.

A Few General Guidelines for Better Health

I. The first step is to not seek this as an end in itself, as most health people do. We are not to get healthy for our own sake, but for the glory of God. If you seek your own well-being first or exclusively then you are selfish. What is the point in finding temporary happiness without God?--which is against God! Besides, if you seek health without seeking God first, then you will get it all mixed up and off-balanced; and probably get discouraged and give up anyway. So remember, "Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you."

II. The second thing to do in application of the first is to follow all the light you have as soon as is possible and as the circumstances and priority allow. If you are a procrastinator then you are a sinner and need to repent of resisting the truth; and should not seek any other adventure until you have done all your duty and privileges. "Anyone, then, who knows the right thing to do and fails to do it, commits sin." James 4. Do not seek more truth in these or any other matters until you faithfully obey what you have been given already. "For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of those who by their unrighteousness suppress (hold or cover) the truth." Rom. 1.

III. Thirdly, in accordance with the first two, make reasonable slow changes. Anyone who goes crazy in this matter--as most do--has perverted the first two fundamental instructions. If you become all about health, then you cannot have God. If you go to quick then you won't do it right, and will probably suffer spiritually and physically--as well as ruin your reputation. You must put all things in their order. Remember, you are to "Love the Lord you God with all of YOUR heart, YOUR soul, YOUR mind, and YOUR body", and not someone else's. This is according to YOUR ability, power, strength and opportunity.

IV. Fourthly, in accordance with the last, you are thus to make informed changes by informing yourself. If you are balanced enough you will make every change a scientific experiment and will eventually know how your body reacts to what you put into it. It is also important to know why you are making any changes that you do make. Many people just experiment with so-called 'cure-all' products with a skeptical mind-set. They thus neglect to know the conditions for taking health foods (such as avoidance from all harmful foods) and find that they don't work! I don't usually even give people such products if they are of that mind-set.

V. Fifthly, in accordance with the fourth and second, you must give your whole heart to obeying the truth you have. If you are a compromiser than you will see little results and probably find yourself going against your conscience. "But those who have doubts are condemned if they eat, beacause they do not act from faith; for whatever does not proceed from faith is sin" Rom. 14: 23. If you are going about to repent and live for God in all things, then you owe it to mankind to live above reproach in all things and not be a stumbling block in this matter. Also to demonstrate to the ignorant and unbelieving community the benefits of real health and its potential. If you compromise then others will reproach the whole pursuit and justify self-indulgence; and where will you find yourself?

VI. If you do these things bathed in sincere prayer then you will be well on your way. Then Christ will be your Teacher and you will have no need to look to man for all your understanding. He will help you with your priorities, weaknesses, and ignorance if you ask.

VII. For those have fulfilled these requirements, who are walking with Christ in all respects, then I will add a few of my own observations:

1. It is important to get exercise; at least 20 minutes of such where your heart is really pumping but not so hard that you could not carry on a conversation. (fast walk or light jog)

2. It is important to avoid as many chemicals as you can and go the natural way. In many ways our technological advances are really backwards. There are cleaners out there that are really good and are totally natural. (Ask us about Planet Solutions the powerful universal cleaner.)

3. Try and eat things as natural as possible. That is unprocessed and uncooked. Warning go slow on this transition as it can give gas at first (if the detoxification process happens too fast, as going rare to much too fast will do, then you will be very uncomfortable for a short while).

4. GET YOUR COLON CLEANSED! This is one of the most important steps. You can hardly benefit from healthy eating if you have a clogged colon. And I doubt if you'll find a better cleanser than Herbal Fiberblend. You do not need very much of it (I now only use it once in a while--1 tsp 20 min. before supper--but at least 30 min. after Barley Green); and it will last you a long time.

5. If you do this, then get as much fresh pressed vegetable juice as possible (preferably organic). But don't have too much fruit juice as it can be too high in sugar. Vegetable juice is good because you don't have the fiber and thus your body can directly absorb most of the nutrients (for example; you can only get between 1% and 30% of the nutrients from eating a raw carrot as compared to over 90% from eating the same carrot if it was juiced!). And get the Champion or Green Power Juicer that presses the juice rather than the spinning shredders that oxidize the nutrients for little use. But if you're like I use to be and have not the time or money, then I take the best supplement around: Barley Green. I encourage a gradual (over a month) increase to 3 or 4 Tablespoons (4 for those hard days that you really need a boost). It must be taken on an empty stomach and not mixed with anything but vegetable juice. I take 1 Tbls first thing in the morning with 8 oz. of carrot juice, another with the same a good while before lunch, and another sometime in the afternoon long before Herbal Fiberblend or before bed.

There is much controversy about using distilled water. I still think it is better over-all than any other water (distillers are between $200-400). But using pressed juice is much better. If you eat more raw foods you will not need to drink very much water at all. But I will still use distilled water for my cooking (rice, noodles, etc.).

6. I have eaten fruit as my first meal of the day for years and have found it to be an excellent laxative besides Herbal Fiberblend. Three or more different fruit between carrot juice gives me all the energy (the carrot juice and Barley Green really provide unbelievable energy) I need. If I work physically hard I add a banana or two.

7. I also never eat fruit with something in my stomach; and never eat anything after until the fruit is totally digested (as it will ferment anything else). It is good to wait at least 20 minutes to an hour depending on the amount of fruit and the kind (bananas take approximately 45 minutes). Even mixing acidic fruits with base fruits will cause fermenting and gas. I eat my bananas last after 30-60 min. after acidic fruit.

8. It is also not good to mix proteins with starches. These also cause fermentation as seen with beans (which have protein and starch). It naturally gives gas. Such fermentation causes indigestion, stench, and hinders health in many ways. It is hard to avoid such combinations and is not wise to get into bondage about. But vegetables mix fine with protein, and starch separately.

9. It is good to leave your stomach 20% empty. You won't starve. It will also take a while to get use to not having the full feeling. All of us in gluttonous North America are used to filling ourselves till we feel full. But you will learn the difference between this and nutritional fullness. You will see that you probably need to eat 2/3rds of what you did before! You will especially feel an artificial need to eat--not just from habbit--but from having a colon cleanse of some 15 pounds. But I learn to sense the operations of my body and know when I don't need any more.

10. Thus it is good to eat slow! Apparently our stomach are at least 10 minutes ahead of our minds. That is why you can eat all you want in 10 minutes and not feel full. My grandfather used to chew 30+ times before he swallowed if that is worthy wisdom from the past.

11. Also, eating is not merely a function but it is to be a self-controlled enjoyable, restful time where we worship God and thank Him. It should be a sacred time of fellowship with others too. I use to down my meals so that I could serve God in other matters. I had to repent of this and open my eyes to see how God made me and how He wants me to live. "So whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do everything for the glory of God." 1 Cor. 10:31

12. Avoiding harmful animal products. I even fear mentioning them lest I be labeled a vegetarian or some other 'ism.' Let me tell you right away that I am not a vegetarian. Perhaps I may seem as such in comparison to my carnivore North American surroundings. I only occasionally eat animal foods. And that organic only. I guess I am a vegan in the sense of store-bought kinds. These kinds I will only eat if I absolutely have to. This IS A SERIOUS MATTER AS SUCH FOODS ARE TERRIBLY POLLUTED AS THEY HAVE COME FROM ANIMALS THAT FEED OFF OF RENDERING PLANTS http://hacres.com/html/cannibal.htm AND HAVE LIVED IN THE MOST DREADFUL CONDITIONS. There is not only a health issue here but an ethical issue! After reading the above link you will probably gag the next time you even SEE commercial meat or animal products!

13. The list could go on and on. I will mention lastly: AVOID ISM'S! It is unfortunate that most who enter these subjects come out as fanatics of some sort. Please rationally consider your course under God! There are many who have much truth and are even very healthy, but who are seriously off on some points. I will mention George Malcmus and His Hallelujah Acres as an example (although there is so much truth in his ministry). I have greatly benefited from them and think they have much truth. But they do come across as forbidding meats entirely and manifest a low spirituality at times. (Note the issue of their newsletter where a minister published an argument against eating meat, quoting Jesus' words: "From the beginning it was not so." I found this a double contradiction as: 1. Even Jesus ate meat himself; 2. The text was referring to divorced persons of which is the case with George Malcmus!) Even if this were not the case, ministries that are one-issue-promoting--do little real good as they promote unbalanced goals and often self-righteous zeal. If you wish to own an 'ism' make it 'Christ-only-ism' or true religion according to the bible: "So whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do everything for the glory of God." My friend "without" Him "you can do nothing!"

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