1. I Would not Worry

2. A Young Man's Prayer: God make me a man

3. Seven Minds

4. He Won

I Would not Worry

I would not worry if I were you;

The days will come and the days will go,

And anon the sky will be gray or blue,

And the earth be covered with flowers or snow.

The sun will shine or the rain will fall,

But God stands over and under all.

Some days will be dark, with scarcely a sign

That God ever gave you a loving thought;

And His face will be hid with His love benign,

And your soul lie prone with a fight ill fought.

And life will seem empty of every joy

A worthless bauble, a broken toy.

But I would not worry if I were you --

It will all come right, pretty soon, depend;

The rain will cease and the sky grow blue,

And God to your heart will kindly send

His message of love-and by and by,

You will wonder why you should be sad and cry.

Bide close to the Father, let come what may;

Reach out for His hand in rain or shine;

He will turn your night into sweetest day,

And share His bounty of love divine.

He never forgets for a single day

Why need then to fret and worry alway!

F. B. McManus

in The Ram's Horn

A Young Man's Prayer

God make me a man --

Give me the strength to stand for right

When other folks have left the fight.

Give me the courage of the man

Who knows that if he wills he can.

Teach me to see in every face

The good, the kind, and not the base.

Make me sincere in word and deed,

Blot out from me all sham and greed.

Help me to guard my troubled soul

By constant, active, self-control.

Clean up my thoughts, my speech, my play,

And keep me pure from day to day.

O make of me a man!


in Association Men

1. Mind your tongue, do not let it speak hasty, cruel, unkind or wicked words.

2. Mind your eyes, do not permit them to look on wicked books, pictures or objects.

3. Mind your ears, do not suffer them to listen to wicked speeches, songs or words.

4. Mind your lips, do not let tobacco foul them; do not let strong drink pass them.

5. Mind your hands, do not let them steal, or fight, or write any evil words.

6. Mind your feet, do not let them walk in the steps of the wicked.

7. Mind your heart, do not let love of sin dwell in it. Do not give it to Satan, but ask Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, to make it His throne.

-- The Watchman-Examiner.