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1839 to 1862


Its Purpose in Publishing

The Oberlin Evangelist and Charles Finney

The Final Edition


Lec 1 Eternal Life
Lec 2 Faith
Lec 3 Devotion
Lec 4 True and False Religion
Lec 5 The Law of God--no. 1
Lec 6 The Law of God--no. 2
Lec 7 Glorifying God
Lec 8 True and False Peace
Lec 9 Gospel Freedom
Lec 10 Carefulness a sin
Lec 11 The Promises of God--no. 1
Lec 12 The Promises of God--no. 2
Lec 12 (cont.) The Promises of God--no. 3
Lec 12 (cont.) The Promises of God--no. 4
Lec 12 (cont.) The Promises of God--no. 5
Lec 13 Being in Debt
Lec 14 The Holy Spirit of Promise
Lec 15 The Covenants
Lec 16 The Rest of Faith--no. 1
Lec 17 The Rest of Faith--no. 2
Lec 18 The Affections and Emotions of God
Lec 19 Legal and Gospel Experience
Lec 20 Our Employments and our Soul
Lec 21 Grieving the Holy Spirit--no. 1
Lec 22 Grieving the Holy Spirit--no. 2
Lec 1 Sanctification--no. 1
Lec 2 Sanctification--no. 2
Lec 3 Sanctification--no. 3
Lec 4 Sanctification--no. 4
Lec 5 Sanctification--no. 5
Lec 6 Sanctification--no. 6
Lec 7 Sanctification--no. 7
Lec 8 Sanctification--no. 8
Lec 9 Sanctification--no. 9
Lec 10 Unbelief--no. 1
Lec 11 Unbelief--no. 2
Lec 12 Blessednesss of Benevolence
Lec 13 A Willing Mind Indispensable to a Right Understanding of Truth
Lec 14 Death to Sin
Lec 15 The Gospel the Savor of Life or of Death
Lec 16 Christians the Light of the World
Lec 17 Communion with God--no. 1
Lec 18 Communion with God--no. 2
Lec 19 Temptations Must Be Put Away
Lec 20 Design or Intention Constitutes Character
Lec 21 Confession of Faults
Lec 22 Weakness of Heart
Lec 23 A Single and an Evil Eye
Lec 24 Salvation Always Conditional
Lec 25 Submission to God
Lec 26 Submission to God--no. 2
Lec 27 Love Worketh No Ill
Lec 28 Self Denial
Lec 29 The True Service of God
Lec 30 Entire Consecration a Condition of Discipleship
Lec 31 A Seared Conscience
Lec 32 A Seared Conscience--no. 2
Lec 33 Conditions of Being Kept
Lec 34 National Fast Day
Lec 35 Mediatorship of Christ
Thy Will Be Done
Danger of Delusion
Ability and Inability
God under Obligation to do Right
Ordination Sermon
Wisdom Justified of Her Children
Prove All Things
Nature of True Virtue
Christian Character
Christian Warfare
Putting on Christ
Way to Be Holy
What Attainments Christians May Reasonably Expect to Make in This Life
Necessity and Nature of Divine Teaching
Fulness There is in Christ
Gospel Liberty
Joy in God
The Benevolence of God
Revelation of God's Glory
Hardness of Heart
The Eyes Opened to the Law of God
The Eyes Opened to the Law of God pt.--2
Christian Witnesses for God
Fearing the Lord and Walking in Darkness
Blessed are the Poor in Spirit
The Sin of Fretfulness
Governing the Tongue
Dependence on Christ
Weights and Besetting Sins
Rejoicing in Boastings
The Church Bound to Convert the World
The Church Bound to Convert the World pt.--2
Trusting in God's Mercy
The Old Man and The New
Coming Up through Great Tribulation
Delighting in the Lord
Having a Good Conscience
Relations of Christ to the Believer
The Folly of Refusing to be Saved
Seeking the Kingdom of God First
Faith in its Relations to the Love of God
Victory over the World through Faith
The Nature of Impenitence and the Measure of Its Guilt
The Rule by Which the Guilt of Sin is Estimated
On Divine Manifestations
On the Lord's Supper
Forfeiting Birth-right Blessings
Afflictions of the Righteous and the Wicked Contrasted
On Becoming Acquainted With God
God Manifesting Himself to Moses
Coming to The Waters of Life
The Blessedness of Enduring Temptation
Quenching the Spirit
Responsibility of Hearing the Gospel
All Things for Good to Those that Love God
All Events Ruinous to the Sinner
Heart Condemnation, A Proof that God Also Condemns
An Approving Heart--Confidence in Prayer
Conditions of Prevailing Prayer
Conditions of Prevailing Prayer pt.--2
Conditions of Prevailing Prayer pt.--3
Refuges of Lies
The Spirit Not Striving Always
The Excuses of Sinners Condemn God
Conditions of Being Saved
Pride of Heart Deceives
Mutual Confession of Faults, and Mutual Prayer
God's Anger Against the Wicked
Evil Thinking
Prayer for A Pure Heart
The Joy of God's Salvation
Jesus, A Savior from Sinning
The Self-Hardening Sinner's Doom
The Death of Saints Precious
God Not Pleased with the Death of the Wicked
The Spirit of Christ, and the Spirit of True Christianity
Judicial Blindness
The Peace of God Ruling in the Christian's Heart
Receiving Honor from Men and Not from God
Faith the Work of God
The Foundation, Conditions, and Relations of Faith
The Loss When a Soul is Lost
Awaking from The Sleep of Spiritual Death
Jesus Christ Doing Good
The Wicked Heart Set to do Evil
Repentance Before Prayer for Forgiveness
The Child-Like Spirit an Essential Condition of Entering Heaven
The Fearful Results of a Spiritual Relapse
God's Love to Sinners as Seen in the Gospel
All Things for Good to Those That Love God
All Things Conspire for Evil to The Sinner
Guilt Modified by Ignorance
Salvation Difficult to The Christian--Impossible to The Sinner
The Salvation of Sinners Impossible
Paul and Felix, Or Preaching and Procrastination
Christ Tempted, Suffering, and Able to Succor The Tempted
Election and Reprobation
Prayer and Labor for the Gathering of The Great Harvest
Men Invited to Reason Together With God
The Saviour Lifted up, and the Look of Faith
The Sinner's Excuses Answered
God's Love for A Sinning World
Alive Without the Law, Slain Thereby
The Essential Elements of Christian Experience
Death to Sin Through Christ
The Richman and Lazarus
Losing One's First Love
Jehovah's Appeal to Sinners and Backsliders
Converting Sinners A Christian Duty
Christ Our Advocate with The Father
The Inner and The Outer Revelation
On Quenching The Spirit
What Men Highly Esteem, God Abhors
Variety in the Service Offered to God
License, Bondage and Liberty
Living by Faith
God's Commandments Not Grievous
The Wages of Sin
The Wants of Man and Their Supply
Where Sin Occurs God Cannot Wisely Prevent It
The Ways of Sin Hard; Of Holiness, Pleasant
The Indications and The Guilt of Backsliding
The Christian's Genuine Hope
The Primitive Prayer-Meeting
On Prayer
On Persevering Prayer for Others
On Being Almost Persuaded to be a Christian
On Neglecting Salvation
On Prayer for The Holy Spirit
Conscience and The Bible in Harmony
God Has No Pleasure In The Sinner's Death
On Being Searched of God
On Injustice To Character
God's Goodness Toward Men Basely Requited
Losing First Love
Men, Ignorant of God's Righteousness, Would Fain Establish Their Own
Adorning the Doctrine of God Our Savior
Thanks for The Gospel Victory
Gospel Ministers Ambassadors for Christ
The Destruction of the Wicked
The Wicked Stumbling in Their Darkness
On The Atonement
The Sinner's Natural Power and Moral Weakness
Moral Insanity
On Believing with The Heart
On Offering Praise to God
Owing God pt1
Owing God pt2
On Sinning
On Being Holy
The Lord's People His Portion
The Wrath of God Against Those Who Withstand His Truth
On Confessing and Being Cleansed From Sin
The Doom of Those Who Neglect The Great Salvation
The Treasure and The Pearl
The Self-Righteous Sinner Doomed to Sorrow
Sufficient Grace
On following Christ
Christian Consciousness, A Witness for God
God's Love To Us
The Blessedness of the Merciful
Blessedness of The Pure In Heart
Blessed Are The Persecuted
On Refuges Of Lies
God's Wrath Against Those Who Withstand His Truth
Abiding In Christ and Not Sinning
On Tenderness of Heart
The One Thing Needful
On Self-Denial
The Way That Seems Right, But Ends In Death
On Loving God
On Love To Our Neighbor
Spiritual Declension pt 1
Spiritual Declension pt 2
Christ's Yoke Is Easy
Christ Our Advocate
Living To Please God
Wherefore Do The Wicked Live
Hardness Of Heart
Harden Not Your Heart
The Kingdom of God In Consciousness
Looking To Jesus
Profit and Loss; Or The Worth of The Soul pt. 1
Profit and Loss; Or The Worth of The Soul pt. 2
Sinners Not Willing To Be Christians pt. 1
Sinners Not Willing To Be Christians pt. 2
Holding The Truth in Unrighteousness pt. 1
Holding The Truth in Unrighteousness pt. 2
Any One Form of Sin Persisted In Is Fatal To The Soul
Revival pt 1
Revival pt 2
Revival pt 3
Great Peace pt 1
Great Peace pt 2
Moral Depravity pt 1
Moral Depravity pt 2

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